Be on guard about safe technology legislation of trade of Wu of
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Safe technology is on guard industry of Wu of newspaper police uniform is to go up a when 80 time metaphase forms the century burgeoning safe service industry, this industry is aimed at theft, rob, invade illegally, destroy, the tall hair case such as explosion adopts a technology to be on guard method, build include video monitoring, inbreak call the police, passageway control, perimeter is on guard, explosion proof installs the electronic system such as check or network, offer safety to sign up for police uniform Wu for society and people.

According to statistic, the whole nation is engaged in safe technology be on guard the enterprise of the service already had more than 10 thousand, be engaged in technically calling the police among them the industry that operation serves more than 1000 2, from personnel of course of study 20 more than person. Up to now, place of countrywide stress unit, crucial point already built safe technology to be on guard call the police system 200 thousand (installation rate already was amounted to 75% ) , the installation such as general location and residential village calls the police of the system already had 1 million and present rapid growth trend. As people living standard rise, safe consciousness increases ceaselessly, more and more units and individual accepted safe technology to be on guard Wu of newspaper police uniform, wu of newspaper police uniform is progressively also from the system compositive call the police to couplet net development, current, countrywide couplet net calls the police net total user is close already 1 million, move among them the target enters net user many 100 thousand. Now, various government is strengthening public safe technology to be on guard again call the police systematic construction, already many places built urban trends monitoring to call the police network and platform. According to not complete count, countrywide every annual interest is on guard with safe technology call the police the system uncovers criminal case to be in 10 thousand cases above, prevent and check of all kinds case tens of 10 thousand. In safeguard security of society to stabilize a respect, the safety that this industry produces is on guard effect is increasingly distinct, had become public security mechanism to rise to command the important support force of ability to security of society. In economic benefits respect, whole and safe technology is on guard the annual produce that signs up for course of study of police uniform Wu has exceeded 50 billion yuan of RMB.

See not hard, guide, standard and drive safe technology to be on guard the development that signs up for course of study of police uniform Wu, safe to protecting position of stress unit, crucial point, ensure national riches and safety of citizen person belongings, improve people safety feeling and life quality; To effective precaution, check and hit illegal crime accurately, reduce can defend sexual case occurence rate, raise lash-up of public security mechanism to deal with ability; To making full use of through market mechanism social natural resources administers a service integratedly for security of society, reduce a country to invest cost; Strong to implementing science and technology alarm the strategy, implementation science and technology is achieved how, found harmonious society to having active sense.
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