Consumer of GPS of car guard against theft do not have blind fai
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Dongguan city Consumer's Committee consumed caution the 4th number 2006

Think installed system of GPS satellite location with respect to no risk at all, whose makings car by be informed however when pilfer the system cannot be locked up remotely by broken solution car, car advocate Mr Chen can look at love car helplessly only by pilfer. What the GPS system that the car is discovered to he buys by the ability when pilfer did not publicize at all is so good, under one anger, mr Chen complained the function of GPS system guard against theft that he buys to differ to committee of Dongguan city consumption.

"Search time by steel car " it is empty talk last year June, chen Sheng by the personnel of some GPS company " assure car happening by pilfer when, GPS decides potential energy 100% search time " acceptance is attracted deeply, installed to strengthen for new car model system of GPS satellite location, pay serve cost two years, think from now on no risk at all. A day of this year March in the morning, GPS company information desk calls Chen Sheng, inform " his car is in by prize " , chen Sheng asks instantly " fixed position locks up a car " . After doing not have expect 2 minutes, chen Sheng of information desk telegram in reply " the system is out of order by broken solution, cannot lock up a car " . Chen Sheng looks at his love car helplessly to be sailed quickly. The reporter understands from Dongguan city Consumer's Committee, the person that had system of GPS guard against theft to have a deficit so like Mr Chen is absent a few. Chief expresses related the Consumer's Committee, the car of Mr Chen was shown fully by pilfer experience at present GPS of consumer choose and buy locates a few problems of the product: If have blind faith in GPS overly to locate systematic safety ensures effectiveness; " installation GPS agreement " devoid liability clause, only conventional user pay serves the compulsory provision of cost on the agreement, lack networks of pair of GPS fixed position enclothe content of limits kimono Wu, and the main provision such as the responsibility that car should be assumed by the both sides when pilfer.

Buy GPS to should leave a heart to be aimed at this kind of circumstance more, dongguan city Consumer's Committee gives out caution of the 4th consumption to warn customer, automobile safety is ensured, do not have blind faith in product of GPS car monitoring overly. According to the Consumer's Committee relevant controller emphasizes, to ensure safety of car guard against theft, consumer should note the following problems when choice GPS car carries a product: The first, choose GPS company cautiously, the choice is developed in GPS technology and should apply on the company that enjoys proper credit and public praise. According to the concerned regulation of door of the Ministry of Public Security, safe technology of every management GPS is on guard systematic enterprise, the safe technology that use GPS car carries equipment product to should obtain Guangdong to save nucleus of Public Security Department to send is on guard product " production registers instrument of ratification " , the Guangdong that should obtain Guangdong to save nucleus of Public Security Department to send at the same time saves safe technology to be on guard system " card of qualification of design, construction, maintenance " , ability can be managed. The 2nd, not credulous " 100% safeguard car is safe " wait for grandiose acceptance, want to take a heart more. The 3rd, sign " GPS enters net agreement " , make clear responsibility. To be on guard risk, GPS network should make clear on the agreement cover limits and service content and produce the accident circumstance such as car monitoring malfunction to fall, the main provision content such as the responsibility that bilateral agree carries. The 4th, current, GPS installs an industry to compare a disorder, right beforehand pay year of cost want discretion, in case company management not to be pooh-poohed coils the money goes person. The 5th, do not think installed GPS location system, with respect to no risk at all, should buy at the same time " car pilfer rush to deal with an emergency " .
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