Guangdong is " electronic police " road monitoring executes the
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Same a section of a highway violate the rules and regulations however for many times be punished; Car by " cover a shop sign " hind receive much share " injustice " punish sheet... begin from September, guangdong province is new those who come on stage " the provision that Guangdong omits public security mechanism to use traffic technology supervisory equipment to investigate road transportation safety to violate act (try out) " carry out formally. Because " electronic police " a lot of worry that executes the law to lack a standard and be brought, in Guangdong provincial hopeful alleviates.

Guangdong saves a Public Security Department to hand in tubal bureau to say about chief, new those who come on stage " regulation " strict " electronic police " execute the law attributive, normative execute the law program, installed a series of more the provision that human nature changes, be helpful for a car advocate people the legitimate rights and interests that safeguards oneself.

According to introducing, new " regulation " basically be aimed at " electronic police " the heat problem setting in executing the law, protecting a car again advocate legitimate rights and interests. For instance, right same a motor vehicle in condition of a consecutive time, be in same the same a section of a highway of an area under administration of a large body of is the same as one travel direction, be secured those who measure fast equipment to record overspeed for many times to violate act to measure fast equipment to perhaps flow, in principle is in amerce only; Did not exceed top speed limit to be worth hour of 10 kilometers / and the behavior of slight violate the rules and regulations that were not worth hour of 10 kilometers / under lowermost speed limit to speed per hour, give written warning to wait a moment only.

In recent years, guangdong province is used " electronic police " the canal charges road liaison man, increase pair of overspeed to drive, do not wait for what serious traffic violates act to investigate strength by formulary driveway travel, strong red light, obtained better result. According to statistic, since " electronic police " was 2004 since Guangdong mount guard, guangdong saves year after year of number of death of road transportation accident to drop, come 3 years average and annual because traffic accident dies,decrease number 692 people.

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