Hebi Coal Mining Subsidence Tender Security Monitoring System
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Hebi coal mining subsidence under the comprehensive treatment project in Sapphire (Fortune), heavy plant (Fu Sheng) anti-technology district needs and comprehensive management office Hebi, Hebi City Public Security Bureau Jifang Ban requirements, comprehensive management of coal mining subsidence Hebi City Office of the "Sapphire Hebi (Fortune), heavy plant (Fu Sheng) Community security monitoring system" to public bidding, welcome to meet the conditions of the tender procurement units to participate in matters relating to the tender are hereby announced as follows: 1, item number: HBJF2010-12-06 2, the purchaser: comprehensive management of Hebi Coal Mining Subsidence Area Office 3, Project Name: Integrated Hebi Coal Mine Subsidence Control Project Sapphire (Fortune), heavy plant (Fu Sheng) purchases residential security monitoring system. 4 Project: Comprehensive Hebi Coal Mine Subsidence Control Project Sapphire (Fortune), heavy plant (Fu Sheng) district supply and construction of monitoring system. 5, supplier qualification requirements: Suppliers must have addition to the "Government Procurement Law" provisions of Article two of six conditions, yet to have the following conditions: (1) The bidder should have independent legal personality, has a good business reputation and sound financial and accounting system. With the equipment necessary to perform the contract and technical expertise; (2) The bidder must have the qualification of Provincial Public Security issued more than three (including three); (3) The bidder must be approved by management technology to prevent Hebi City Public Security Bureau office to review the qualifications recognition; (4) the tender of not less than 50 million registered capital (RMB). 6, the supplier registration deadline: January 5, 2011 5:30 pm. (Normal working hours, statutory holidays and statutory holidays excluded.) 7, to participate in the project when the vendor registration, business license required to carry a copy of a copy, contact legal power of attorney and ID card copy and the Municipal Public Security Bureau issued Hebi Hebi Jifanggongcheng market access for the proof The above information shall be submitted sealed. 8. Opening time: January 12, 2011 9. Bid Opening Location: Center Hebi bidding Contact: Cui Wenbin Phone: 0392-3378961 Address: Liyang Road, Hebi City Qibin District No. 398 Hebi Coal Mining Subsidence Area Comprehensive Management Office B O a O on December 15