Xingtai Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank Security season work to do bu
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Xingtai Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank Security season work to do business Entering the fourth quarter since the end of the year for the end of the year the work of serious security situation, Xingtai Branch of ICBC to take active measures to make careful arrangements for the deployment, to make network security work to ensure the safe operation of the business all the work season. First, strengthen leadership, implement the "three in place." The line managers at all levels in charge of security for their work to "understanding, organization in place, put in place", to grasp business, attaches great importance to security, to enhance security of the unit's leadership, so that the various safety and business development to proceed with the work, correctly handle the business relationship between development and security in strict accordance with the total, the provincial line on request, to strengthen the security of the unit inspection and supervision work to ensure the safe operation of the business. Second, increase safety and inspection, grasping the security work of the implementation. Entering the fourth quarter, the bank developed a "security work outlets standardized management" inspection program, the Bank launched a safety inspection and standardization of business office management of safety and security inspection. Focus on examination of the safety facilities and safety systems implementation, increasing the intensity of punishment and accountability. In accordance with the "Who checks who signed and who is responsible" and the responsibility of reversing the inspection system on the identified problems, develop corrective measures, a clear rectification responsibilities, scheduled to complete the rectification work. Third, the implementation of the fire, "Four Abilities", a comprehensive fire safety work to do. The line to the state fire laws and regulations, based on full implementation of the fire, "Four Abilities", in the standardization of network safety and security responsibility to fire the implementation of the process, key parts of the fire places and facilities compliance, and focus on the implementation of fire safety systems formulated in line with our fire safety compliance programs actually require all agencies operating programs in strict accordance with the implementation of standardized fire to ensure fire safety of the unit. Fourth, strengthen emergency response exercises and education campaign to raise full awareness. Head office of the bank in accordance with the "emergency response exercise operational guidelines" and the province line, "Criminal law and order in the event contingency plan" requirements, carefully organized by Anti-robbery, theft, fire as the main content of the emergency drills, exercises to improve through the full burst ability to handle emergencies. Request the Branch with the current "banking services at public education" campaign to promote my line of business advantage in the same time, increase security of mission customers, improve customer awareness of risk prevention, reduce operational risk.