Hunan coal mine flooding or will promote the development of security market
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National Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau Zhao Tiechui 17, announced that China has identified a coal mine monitoring and control, personnel location and other security hedge "Six Systems" build a perfect schedule, the final construction of the emergency system will be in 2013 fully completed before the end of June. Carter, Hunan coal mine safety accidents from happening again. Dec. 1, according to Xinhua News Agency reported, 1 in Xiangtan County of Hunan Province morning learned from, at 23:40 on November 30 Xu, Cloud Lake Town, Xiangtan County emergency mine flooding accident German friendship. According to the news from Xiangtan County, at least 7 people were trapped underground. Xiangtan City, Xiangtan county governments are organizing forces rescue and search and rescue efforts. At 23:38 on November 30 about the bridge is located in Xiangtan County Cloud Lake Xiangtan billion within the German coal mine flooding accident occurred. After the accident, coal Supervisor Bureau of Hunan Province, Xiangtan Municipal Government, Xiangtan county government and other relevant departments quickly organized the rescue. Reporters on the scene of the accident the mine near the wellhead, brightly lit. Rescue Command has installed quickly organized a number of pumps, is 1,200 tons per hour maximum speed of drainage. Hunan Provincial Bureau of Coal supervisor who is scheduled to direct rescue work, from Changsha, Hunan Shaoyang City City and two rescue teams also entered the scene to reinforce search and rescue work. Search the scene, according to rescue headquarters Sector, they organized a large number of human and material resources, the rescue group composed of the scene, medical aid group, comprehensive information group, the masses of the Working Group, order maintenance group of five groups, Xiangtan, Xiangtan county party and the main person in charge requirements at all costs scene of the accident, to save water. Hunan coal mine flooding, or will promote the development of security market The main control point into the mine Inoue monitoring points and monitoring points underground, mainly based wellhead, Vice wellhead, monitoring the duty room, one each in the main fan room; the coal face, heading face, the main transport roadway in real-time monitoring . Major equipment for surveillance cameras, transmission equipment, recording and control equipment. Specificity of the monitoring sites, so surveillance cameras underground explosion is to use a specific camera. I learned that the end of 2009 production of proof of a qualification that only a dozen camera manufacturers, the 2010 explosion of camera manufacturers qualified to produce 40; Also, there is more than 10 professional production of proof shield and head manufacturers, to produce a total of more than 50 explosion monitoring equipment manufacturers. With the support of the policy next year, proof camera manufacturers in China will grow to how fast? Security industry is now just 30 years into maturity, the market prospect is broad. We can estimate such a figure, with small coal mines, for example, requires proof camera 10 placement, in addition to including storage equipment, transmission equipment, display equipment, etc. The only complete system monitoring equipment, estimated 2 million, then the 30-120 million tons of medium-sized coal mines ,120-300 or even 300 million tons of large coal mines for the large need for more security equipment. Boldly predicts the future of coal in the 4 years of security equipment (including explosion-proof monitoring equipment) estimated total market of 20 billion yuan.