The quality of security products in China in 2010 officially released the find
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Recently, a newspaper by the security market, jointly organized by the days of network security products in China in 2010 pending results of the quality of investigations, security products in China after 2010, the quality of investigations of the statistical work of the Office of tension in recent days , The quality of the data audit investigation is completed, "China Security product quality and customer trust business" and "market share of China's top ten brands of security products," the official award list announced. The activities to "boost security markets Ping China" for the purpose of security projects in order to better help developers and end users to select high quality security products as its mission to enhance security and promote vendor brand value Product sales as the goal and the promotion of healthy competition and security industry sectors to improve the overall level of the prerequisite for the development, thus promoting the healthy development of China's overall security industry term for large, Division I awarded the prize presentation ceremony, "China Security product quality and customer trust business" award of the night award ceremony the most "unexpected, makes sense," the award-winning business. Unexpected because of the security the Quality investigations, strictly adhere to the fair, just and open manner, through the security contractors, manufacturers, distributors, resellers, Jifang Ban, end-user interviews, etc., investigations, issuance and collection survey asked Vol. To make investigations more rigorous and objective and impartial, the authority to maintain activity. The investigations of view than in previous years added online voting, field visits and other survey method. Through multiple channels and forms, many Quality security products to carry out surveys, get more real, objective, effective survey data, so the moment before the award winners that we do not know, makes sense because our company always adhere to the superb Technology, high-cost products and sincere service to our customers.