Six years of precipitation Kodak among 2010 Fifth China Security hundred
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Recently, the Ministry of Public Security Science and Technology Committee, the Chinese Public Security magazine support, CPS and Angola, an international security Brand Laboratory, Institute of Public Safety sponsored the "2010 Forum and the Fifth China Security hundred award Award Ceremony "Shenzhen Airlines Hotel in Shenzhen, held in 2010 during the formal announcement of the fifth Security hundred list. Keda (KEDACOM) with excellent products and solutions, strong technical strength and experienced security brand Influence the success among the hundred. "China Security hundred" selection is the first security company based on the overall strength of selection activities, through the leading position in the security industry and have an influence on a comprehensive assessment of the security company to establish security Anti-industry benchmarking, comprehensive display of China's security industry development achievements and mental outlook. Since 2005, Security hundred selection has been successfully held five, the 2010 selection events beginning from January 1 to August 10 deadline, a total of 389 companies reporting, review by experts selected the final 108 companies. Kodak, founded in 1995 and headquartered in Suzhou, in China, with 31 branches in Singapore and the U.S. with overseas agencies, currently has more than 1,000 employees. From entering the field of security, has been without Breaking enterprise and innovation, and video surveillance products and solutions have comprehensive coverage of the telecommunications operators, major industry and corporate / commercial market, and access to a wide range of deployments and applications. 1,2004, Kodak officially entered the security market, the firm take the route network video surveillance, which in general is an analog monitor and DVR time, no doubt walk in the forefront of the market. And in the same year launched a monitoring pipe Management platform, enables the management of video surveillance can be increased dramatically. 2,2006, Kodak introduced carrier-class network video monitoring system, full participation of China Telecom "Global Eye", China Unicom "wide vision" of the standard formulation, is to promote the integration of security industry and the core strength of the communications industry . Currently, Kodak has become the mainstream of carrier-class supplier of video surveillance. 3,2007, Kodak introduced the industry level network video monitoring system, the first private network of video surveillance openness, compatibility and manageability, to enhance the security integration industry. Currently integrated security management solutions in the industry Program must have accumulated rich experience in the development and implementation, including the introduction of safe cities, prisons, finance, education, government and a series of targeted solutions. 4,2008 year, Kodak released the industry's first embedded NVR, be compatible with network cameras, through the whole network for video access, view, store, playback and management, set off in the security field to replace an NVR DVR's storm. 5,2009, the subjects leading network video surveillance to a higher level of development of broader, introduced the industry's first complete "integrated security management solutions prison", "high-definition video surveillance products and solutions," and Command and Control video, image integration, intelligent monitoring and other cutting-edge technology. 6,2010, the Kodak HD products and solutions to fully upgrade to 1080p, but will monitor the video surveillance by the full expansion of fixed line to wireless surveillance, the introduction of fixed, car, man, and a series of portable wireless monitor Control products and solutions.