Kodak won the China Security Industry recommended prison brands
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Because subjects in the field of security prisons achievements during the Expo 2010 Shanghai Division, National Institute for Crime Prevention Department of Justice awarded the Kodak "security prisons in China recommended industry brands," honor. Past two years, with the number of security incidents in prisons, community Prison Administration of transparency, efficiency of the proposed higher requirements for information management and prison security construction rose to a very important strategic position. Subjects through the years in-depth industry research and needs analysis, with strong technical strength and experience, in 2009, pioneered the industry's first complete set of integrated management of prison security solutions. The program by Kodak Integrated management platform, enabling monitoring of the video surveillance, alarm, access control, intercom, electronic patrol, public broadcasting, AB doors and other security systems fully integrated and unified management, and enables video surveillance and other security systems Integrated linkage system, which effectively improve the monitoring of the security management efficiency, enhance the monitoring of the comprehensive prevention. In 2010, subjects in the original solution, based on further introduced the "HD • Integrated Management of Smart •" Three prison security strategies, the prison security solutions to a new level: HD The current domestic use of a large number of prisons are still monitoring the situation SD, Kodak clearly put forward the need to monitor the security point of view HD. High definition image clarity, resolution, field of vision, fluency and other aspects of SD than Has obvious advantages that can help regulators better monitor the grasp of the details, so to maximize the effectiveness of monitoring. Kodak has a full series high-definition products and technologies to achieve set of front-end acquisition - Center Management - recorded Like storage - decoded display - remote viewing in one of the full range of high-definition monitoring. Smart The intensive monitoring points for monitoring, control volume of information security management requirements higher characteristic, subjects presented to the liberation of Prison Administration through the intelligent application of police force, improve management efficiency and response capacity. By monitoring the image into the Intelligent line analytical processing, while 95% can filter unwanted video, so that supervisory staff to monitor images from the mass break out of those useful to focus on video; the one hand, to achieve early warning, the main change from passive defense Dynamic defense. Kodak prison intelligent security solutions can provide image quality intelligent detection, warning intelligent detection, intelligent detection strenuous exercise, get up intelligence testing, the value of the post office and a series of intelligent detection for monitoring the safety Anti-smart applications. Integrated Management HD and intelligence applications, can monitor the performance of the security be significantly improved and integrated management is still the core of the solution, through a unified, highly centralized management platform, monitoring the number of Technical Security Control of joint defense and unification, which form a complete security system, to monitor the safety and reliability of the security and ease of administration brought a great change.