Asian Games Countdown: New security technology innovation and security is too "s
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As the time draws near the opening of the Guangzhou Asian Games, Asian Games Security Innovation in protecting the role of peace is prominent.

Recently, the Guangzhou police launched a comprehensive response to the work of prevention and control of society as a whole, implementation of the "surround Guangzhou", "three lines of defense", "four networks" work measures to prevent suspicious persons, vehicles and goods into Guangzhou, build a security barrier, increased street police and other security forces put on the prevention and control, to maximize the street see the alarm rate and deterrence rate, as the domestic development of "fusion security, intelligence security," the concept of advocates and leader in the field, Suntek construction of the security system in Guangzhou police to achieve "Green Games" target effective weapon.

Mount video surveillance systems: strict "Green Games" doorway

Security intelligence applications as well, Guangzhou City, the "Green Games" doorway of the first line of defense.

It is understood that the Games to ensure the safety, security work in Guangzhou City, has invested 20 billion yuan of special funds. External security, as the first barrier, the reporters saw police in Guangzhou, the main highway around the city, national highway checkpoints into the ear of vehicles, personnel, goods and so do "every doubt will check."

In this work, the new mount is too technologically advanced integrated management system of video surveillance has played an important role in the system combines computer vision, artificial intelligence, motor vehicle license recognition, large-scale database management and other advanced technology at home and abroad, to combat vehicle theft and robbery, hit and run and other crimes to provide strong technical support. At the same time, the system integrated management platform through the center of each plate and data exchange system to achieve that dispatched, the effect of the whole network response.

Guangzhou in and out of range, mount the vehicle monitoring system to monitor the city, able to license plates, car, driver and co-pilot positions and other staff of the intelligent facial recognition, in the event of a major event in malignant, can immediately mobilize access the data mount system to help the public security organs dispatched quickly, solve the case.

Social security video surveillance platform: the good, "Green Guangzhou" Urban run off

In addition to a good entry pass, good external security, while ensuring safe operational aspects of the city, the construction of the Guangzhou Suntek City social security video surveillance platforms, are also "Green Games" provides a timely and comprehensive security.

To ensure safe operation the city in recent years, Guangzhou City, finance, transport, schools and other construction industry has a lot of security systems and monitoring with the new technology platform integration so the different types of video surveillance equipment, and analyze their data to provide for public security systems such as video services business.

According to reports, the construction of the Guangzhou Suntek City social security video surveillance platform project, the Guangzhou municipal government has to invest in a variety of surveillance cameras all the first 28 million units to manage, to achieve a multi-center multi-level framework of the city's video surveillance resources scientific management and efficient application, constitutes a "safe Games," the effective protection. Guangzhou City, an opinion survey, public law and order in Guangzhou video surveillance system at home rate of 68.6%.

According to Suntek official says that since entering the security industry since the new technology companies continue to be so software integration, information and communication technology, the latest technology into the cause of traditional security, China's construction of "Green City" level is the world's leading , the new target is based on too the next step "Green Games" as an opportunity, committed to the development of intelligent security equipment, improve intelligence-related service system.