Cause celebrates the city zone to start supervisory system of road
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Next month rises one day, exceed 10 million RMBs, the function that includes public order inside, have by day, night falls with all sorts of weather conditions, the travel of can self-recording motor vehicle, and all round the ” of system of “ electron police of public security state, celebrate the city zone to start in Guangdong cause in the round.

The reporter learns on the press conference that local police holds today, the road that start makes an electronic supervisory system, the purpose is ” of system of “ electron police comes aggrandizement traffic administration, optimize environment of harmonious traffic, security of society.

Zhao Qing is city of Chinese first-class travel. As economic growth, only the city zone has fall to the ground of 50 new cars on average, and a large number of other places drive oneself of the tourist swarm into, pressure of viatic of the city zone is greater and greater, traffic illegal behavior also is shown more outstanding. According to police introduction, in the close half an year that debugs in the system only, monitor in all include traffic of of all kinds motor vehicle to violate behavior to amount to ten, most one day amounts to nearly 1000.

Yu Zhengyi of deputy director general of this city public security bureau introduces, after ” of system of police of electron of the comprehensive “ that start, provided a safety, orderly, expedite traffic environment for the city zone, alleviated already alarm power is insufficient, eliminated transportation of road of the city zone to manage the “ scotoma ” on time and space again.

As we have learned, ” of “ electron police is the child of science and technology in system of management of domestic way traffic, rapid monitoring, catch pat traffic to break the law, get illegal evidence, body executes the law now medium accurate with just sex.

Yu Zhengyi says, at present the high speed road of this city churchyard already installed ” of system of “ electron police, the monitoring of science and technology that country of outspread churchyard along the line next. He expresses, punishment is not a purpose, defend road transportation safety, protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizen, legal person and other organization, precaution and the happening that reduce an accident just are a purpose.

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