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Development of a company goes England supervisory system of radio frequency identifying, through track of student of radio chip monitoring is being seamed inside student school uniform.

England " daily Post " 23 days of reports, this kind of chip enters school uniform through having the tailor-made seam of conductibility in, the expression on the capacity that the teacher can use scanner to examine a student through chip, photograph, class and circumstance of be out on duty. In addition, this one system still can restrict a student to walk out of a school gate in schooltime.

This kind of school uniform already was in England the try out on the 19 students body of the elementary school of henry case hill of upper Tangkasite. President Geleiemu Weikelin says, this one plan won't disturb a student completely to study the life normally, because supervisory system is restricted only,use inside school.

But this plan also encounters criticism. Come from what an attainder protection organizes England to wear Wei Kelaote to say: "Putting chip into school uniform is completely complete to the student monitoring. This as good as allowed the number that when convict lets in fresh air, makes once upon a time. This as good as allowed the number that when convict lets in fresh air, makes once upon a time..

British children, middle and primary school and school of domestic department support use an electron to register way, kip in order to increase to the student's safety is protected and be being reduced rate.

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