Mount " electronic eye "   protects common people 24 hours restfu
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A few days ago, area of Harbin town one-storey house is smooth new garrison post is new China village public security is on guard comprehensive complete throws supervisory system formally use. It is reported, this is bungalow area supervisory system of ” of eye of electron of “ of public order of first village rank.

As we have learned, smooth new garrison post is new big, wagon flow estimates acreage of collect of China village village big, traffic develops, ab extra population is much, yi Fazhi brings a case. To ensure village collect is stabilized in safety, smooth new garrison post decides to install supervisory system of ” of “ electron eye in new Huacun, monitoring network enclothes whole village 4 main and flourishing a sector of an area, execute monitoring of 24 hours of whole journey, formed new village collect public order to prevent control systematic distribution. This project total cost more than 20000 yuan, help unit division up to arm by the side the ministry is contributive 10 thousand yuan, town government is contributive 10 thousand yuan.

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