Hunan harbor promotes development of outback intelligence traffi
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27 days morning, hong Kong appears on the market enterprise -- division billow international accuses a limited company to involve limited company of ferociousing science and technology of hand Hunan day formally. This Hunan harbor two land company is strong strong together, appetent march outback car electron and intelligent transportation industry.

Division billow international accuses a limited company to having nearly 20 single-page calendar history, will devote oneself to car electron and intelligent transportation industry all the time for years. This company has the partner with a series of abundant actual strength, combined the world's famous wireless communication technologist, WAVECOM company that in France and United States Nasidake appears on the market to be in for instance a pointed technology of wireless communication respect, development goes alone the some, car communication plant that owns many patent. Still appear on the market through as famous as another Hong Kong automobile glass company -- the good cooperation of faith glass, the support that got its to be sold downstream and cooperate. The intelligent traffic that division billow international has participated in international to know famous city city and and other places of HongKong and Macow is built, overseas and market of HongKong and Macow are having rich experience. Face home's good development situation, the company adjusts market strategy actively, march outback intelligence traffic and car electron market.

This both sides cooperates, what day ferociousing science and technology regards division billow as international is provincial platform of demonstrative sex operation, and the experience that division billow international draws lessons from day of ferociousing science and technology, if the development such as Chongqing, Yunnan rolls out this kinds of platform,the intent visits town greatly each in the whole nation. Current, day ferociousing science and technology already cooperated with academy of science of the Ministry of Communication " in coordination type road runs a system " project, as powerful as domestic universities and colleges and scientific research orgnaization powerful combination, strive to make the operation orgnaization that robs government for management of motor transportation of Hunan area high-tech and guard against theft, supervisory management distributes pair of battalion carry car that make traffic gear center, make its make Hunan area car monitoring and attemper the window of the service.

Division billow international expresses about chief, they take a fancy to the advantage resource of Hunan area, with the day ferociousing science and technology promotes industry of transportation of domestic whole intelligence and automobile industry health, rapid development together, use intelligent traffic to change whole of industry of mid area transportation to serve a level.

In the morning, two enterprises returned Hunan harbor to sponsor road to carry IT application symposium jointly, 6 well-known company, institution of higher learing mix many 20 international dealer of many 40 car attended scientific research orgnaization, Hunan on invitation the conference.
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