National mapping bureau: Our country will strengthen management
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On November 28 message: Learn from national mapping bureau, the data of navigation electron map collects an activity, ought to assume by the unit that has aptitude of mapping of navigation electron map. The foreign country is organized and the individual must not be engaged in map data collecting in our country churchyard, the work out of navigation electron map such as changeover of editor treatment, format and map quality evaluation publishs an activity.

The announcement points out, publish publicly, the navigation electron map that reveal and uses, must not with any forms (explicit or concealed type) expression involves a country to be mixed secretly other the attribute content that must not convey.

The announcement emphasizes, unit of intelligence of mapping of navigation electron map applies for to use a map confidential plug-in unit, bureau of mapping of the country that need a newspaper is approved, the orgnaization that appoints by national mapping bureau is in charge of dealing with. In the map confidential plug-in unit uses a process in, ought to abide by a country strictly to keep secret legal laws and regulations sets, ensure the safety of national secret and relevant and confidential technology.

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