Beijing farming commercial firm pushs phoenix campus to block co
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On November 20, beijing farming commercial firm and institute of profession of Beijing science and technology are held " phoenix campus gets stuck " the autograph reachs the ceremony that start about, extend for 50 thousand teachers and students the one cartoon that market bank function and campus consumption function are an organic whole " phoenix campus gets stuck " .

It is reported, the characteristic that phoenix campus blocks and advantage:

It is bank function and campus function unifinication. This calories use a calorie of double account, one piece blocks a compositive magnetism with IC chip, magnetism the finance that is used at offerring standardization serves, IC chip is used at the management of the one's status as a student inside campus, consumption that brush card, books to borrow read, each general affairs such as entrance guard management.

2 was to realize account to charge a cost automatically. Phoenix campus blocked special design to increase to fill value function automatically, namely the system when IC account capital is insufficient comes true automatically to undertake to IC account from bank account small charge a cost, reflected complete travel truly " the client is this " service concept. In the meantime, phoenix campus card still can fill value limitation according to school demand set, increase the security of account capital further. All sorts of self-help channel that maintain calorie of person to be able to pass Beijing farming commercial firm to offer charge a cost to campus IC account from bank account, do not have environment of ready money business for what creation of school teachers and students facilitates, those who raise the school and capital of the person that hold card to use is convenient gender and security.

3 it is silver-colored school information is shared. Phoenix campus card realized client hairpin data first times in the whole nation real time exchange, bank and school synchronism are issued etc multinomial and brand-new function, strong improved hairpin efficiency, at the same time bank and information of school implementation client are shared, also ensured the consistency of bilateral client information.

4 it is give attention to two or morethings of old middle and primary school. Phoenix campus blocks a breakthrough to be in what university campus issues to have business pattern already only, it is first pieces are in university and middle and primary school all issuable campus gets stuck, will be in in succession capital other is big promotion of school of middle and primary school.

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