Shaanxi saves Yu forest the city zone: 108 " electronic eye " en
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Yu Lin An prevents video monitoring projectThrough checking and accept

Recently, the Yu Lin An that invests 12.88 million yuan prevents video monitoring project through checking and accept, official investment runs the video supervisory system that this mark covers Yu forest the city zone how to basically prevent reference point.

Yu Lin An prevents video monitoring project to began to prepare 2005, start working will be built on August 8 this year, invest 12.88 million yuan in all. Project got various concerned department support energetically, through bear build Fang Yulin telegraphic company and substation of public security of use Fang Yuyang the joint efforts of 3 months, at the beginning of November basic complete. The system builds a capacity to be 150, platform equipment and control system setup are in center of monitoring of substation of Yu in relief public security, monitoring information is nodded in all 108, how to prevent video monitoring to enclothe the city zone of Yu forest city the monitoring of the crucial point place such as main traffic thoroughfare and urban key area and mechanism of party card army. The complete to hitting the urban district illegal crime of the project will have active and significant effect, make state of our city security of society, how to prevent monitoring level to stride new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.

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