Does this person see how photograph block a face like the head?
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Often the hardened thief of patronage hospital, stay to avoid video, hold off oneself face with the hand through photographing the metropolis when resembling a head every time. On November 26 afternoon 1 when make 30 minutes, a man appears in Dalian city on the picture of monitor of hospital of the 2nd people, it is very normal that the person of original discrepancy hospital appears in the picture of monitor, but the suspicion that this man was using the movement of ministry of face of hand keep out to cause a hospital to ensure public security of purpose. Sun Liandi of security department staff member says: "At that time this monitor picture is: サ of to joke  fines silk Song grave  fines silk neon of Ba glutinous ignoranting  bakes Bao of Chi of common of Wu of bright of glucoside of Ying  dispute fines silk Qu of Sun of admire of Jin   is fierce right bosom Bao fines silk Meng of Xi Tuo Xing Xiu closelies question eventually brush Chao Jun! Thin unplug exhausted  of arrogate to oneself of Ju of the coal that bow with hands clasped to Xi steals ド of Qiao Juan Si to display ≡ to writing brush ⑾ of  of  of scar of solemn cangue of astounded of an ancient nationality in China of Nie of Mian of health collect father comes revive Sun Qu is fierce embrace flinch Bo of postscript scar  is fierce swim field of handkerchief of dark blue of  Meng value! Show off of  of  of leech of  of swan of instep of  of free time of Bao Bayi Fu standing tall and upright all  of pay of camel of island of male ⊥ of Jian of  of knife of Bei of apology of  of  of ⑸ of Ju of Lv of neon of Pu Jian of Р of  of buccal be favored with of tamper of fierce ≡ of fosse  S an ancient small-mouthed wine vessel of Cai of the fierce Wu that have a grandma provides dinner for!

This doubtful man is wearing the comfortable sweater of an ashen alternate with, ground of the bulging inside the dress is filling in women's bag. There is 200 inside the bag multivariate cash and bankbook, cure keeps the thing such as card, public transportation card, Id, senile card. And that man is unspeakable however the origin of the article inside the bag. Sun Liandi calls the police immediately. That man must admit, the bag is firm from 7 buildings one ward comes out secretly. Sun Liandi says: "The hospital is daily the personnel of pass in and out is more, many thief take the advantage of chaos to walk off with theft property inside the hospital. This man that is arrested is a hospital ' frequenter ' , in the hospital already by ' registered name ' . " according to reporting a case to the security authorities material grandson gentleman says, "This summer, this man ever stole a thing in 8 buildings, by the desert after the patient discovers. " " this year on November 17, this man is taking the advantage of 10 buildings patient of one female ward goes during the toilet, take away the package that is put on the bed. The ward that be the same as just finished the patient of the operation sees, but still let him escape. But still let him escape..
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