Prize-giving synchronism of brand of building of 10 big intellig
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Intelligence of building of the 7th China International changes a peak to be able to undertake coming the following day, by what 1000 networks plan organizes 10 big intelligence built brand prize-giving celebration to exhibit central hotel to begin grandly in Shanghai light congress 2006. Come from the famous expert that builds ministry, guild, designing institute, media of ten famous manufacturer, mainstreams assembles in nearly 100 industries.

Successive 10 big intelligence of 3 Chinese that announce ceremoniously in Shanghai build all along of brand prize-giving celebration to be known as intelligence to construct a field " Oscar " , become year industry distinguished gathering with the history and the consequence that cover the throughout the country. Brand of building of 10 big intelligence awarded prize to be established respectively 2006 " brand of 10 big integrated wiring " , " 10 buildings house controls a trademark oneself " , " 10 big intelligence live in a brand " , " 10 buildings house is opposite tell a brand " , " brand of 10 old supervisory system " , " . The birth that 10 old brands rank is according to annual 1000 brands monitor data collect, market research to feedback of analysis, user and expert appraise sth through discussion notch integratedly and come, rank according to grading. The biggest characteristic that 1000 10 old brands rank is: The rank is not simple basis sale, what she mirrors morely is the achievement contrast that year brand builds. 1000 brands lab chooses a this year to build a domain to behave outstanding brand in Chinese intelligence with its authority, just sex, accuracy.

In ablaze composition, an Jubao of Kang Pu, Huoniweier, Guangzhou, inspect so that install, 74 manufacturers such as science and technology of a person of extraordinary powers of the electrician below the pine, SamSung, Ai Lifu, peaceful shared 79 award. The photograph of so many famous manufacturer gets together let bright of prize-giving celebration starlight.

10 big intelligence of Chinese built since of brand prize-giving celebration 2006 market of year of industry of an intelligence construction sums up congress, the concentration that also is card of one defective goods appears on an opportunity, the high level that is industry elite more meets, witness the development course of industry brand, share the success that the brand builds.

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