Hangzhou traffic embraces a cost to will be in applause and quar
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Many 30 motor vehicle is in Hangzhou everyday advocate the city zone is never-ending, and still be in every year with 50 thousand speed increase at full speed, the road of next peak period has every sky already caused very big inconvenience to the citizen, at present in the morning from the city the area lives to drive to downtown on the west go to work to already rose by 15 minutes 2 years ago, and drive in peak period go up to be worn high, weak point the many meters 100 time ability that wears bridge approach high to need many minutes 10 normally is passed.

Face the traffic situation with increasingly grim Hangzhou, begin from last year, branch of Hangzhou city policeman blocks road electron up to collect fees to building central the city zone to embrace the system undertakes feasibility studies, deepen when this year Hangzhou city will hold November " alleviate be in a dilemma " on working conference, hangzhou city basically leads the possibility that begins to allude to have a cost in Hangzhou collection traffic again. "One stone arouses 1000 billow " , media begins to embraced the problem that block cost up to have extensive story to Hangzhou traffic, for a short while, expert of Hangzhou citizen, transportation undertook second " debate " , what have a cost in this traffic is all-time in discussing greatly, promising collection traffic embraces a cost to acclaim applause, also have loud snap. Still be in " a castle in the air " the central issue that traffic had a cost to become each to just pay close attention to temporarily.

Collection traffic has a cost: Applause comes from " academic group "

Be in Hangzhou of recent about " give an advantage " on forum, the traffic issue expert of university of the official of department of Hangzhou city transportation, Zhejiang with respect to Hangzhou " collection traffic has a cost " the problem launched intense debate. Professor of college of Zhejiang university government, the Ministry of Communication is the advocate that collection traffic has a cost south Liu of soft scientific expert, the fast number that he thinks the GDP of average per capita of an area exceeds 1000 dollars to will enter motor vehicle rises period, the traffic that causes big city is embraced increasingly, the method that each country uses normally is to undertake large-scale traffic infrastructure is built, but a large number of development that the improvement of road state can induce motor vehicle, be immersed in thereby " the car grows - heavy traffic - build road - the car continues to grow - again heavy traffic - build road again " vicious circle. He thinks, we cannot restrict the individual of car to have right, but can have certain restriction to the use of car, traffic has a cost is a kind of resort that traffic demand manages, in jam of urban district network a section of a highway or central area carry out jam to collect fees, use communication exterior sex principle raises a travel cost, reduce traffic, use thereby " price lever " resolve situation of urban viatic jam. On this forum, the viewpoint that Liu Na teachs got most expert approbate.
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