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Exposition of communal and safe product will reach society of 2006 China International to will exhibit a center to hold in Beijing China International on November 2 on October 30, it is those who urge standard of innovation of industry science and technology to rise, by " exposition " organizing committee organization is right current " innovation product " evaluate and reach professional audience to be judged jointly by the expert inside course of study piece current " innovation product " .
Mutual domestic and international 91 install 150 kinds of when prevent a company new products to attend choose, among them bear the palm of 23 kinds of of 23 enterprises new products. How is this activity prevented in China exhibiting is innovation on the meeting, the innovation product of bear the palm is overall reach quite high level. The selection of innovation product has active sense to new technology of conduct propaganda, promotion, new product not only, also conduce to advance China how to prevent an industry to make innovation trade.
Society of 2006 China International is communal and safe product of product exposition innovation " enterprise of bear the palm and product list are as follows:
1, limited company of number of great exploit of Tianjin heaven and earth (super intelligence matrix) ;
2, Tianjin city Yaanke ability electron limited company (ball of electronic navigation high speed) ;
3, limited company of Beijing Ma Sikang electron (large major calls the police central receiver) ;
4, Xiamen establishs Lin Ke ability limited company (" E-HOME " intelligence lives in a product) ;
5, quick connect multimedia IC of enterprise Inc. {MMP-450 (chip of integrated circuit of platform of CCD camera multimedia) ;
6, Hangzhou Hai Kangwei inspects digital technology limited company (videocorder of network hard disk) ;
7, limited company of technology of Shenzhen situation in relief amount (exceed camera of wide dynamic intelligence) ;
8, Guangzhou Hua Saigao science and technology expands limited company (finger vein identifies a system) ;
9, Suo Ni (China) limited company (camera of intelligent network fast ball) ;
10, Beijing gold inspects limited company of message science and technology (GEV is large distributed how to prevent network management platform integratedly) ;
11, Wuhan city Ai Pu science and technology expands limited company (how to prevent a project to detect 3 with the watch) ;
12, Beijing frog inspects communication technology finite liability company (light of much professional work transmits platform) ;
13, Shanghai channel agrees to surprise limited company of science and technology (biochemistry monitors the nucleus, lash-up and processing management system) ;
14, Beijing country is connected achieve how to call the police network technology limited company (electronic lookout post) ;
15, Beijing an ancient type of banner hoisted on a featherdecked mast (trade of labour of Jing) triumphant Hua Guan is finite liability company (" hunt guest " image calls the police lead plane) ;
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