How do I defend a few views of the industry to what change devel
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From course of study up to now already 22 years, experienced the great change that how prevents a trade, especially nearly 5 years, how to prevent a trade the traditional industry from Electromechanical unifinication, change is the IT industry of digitlization, informatization.

Is how to be prevented

Saying how to be prevented, so what is preventing? Before Athenian Olympic Games, the pedestrian is interviewed on ave of some TV station, ask: What is an Olympic Games? Someone says, the Olympic Games is taller, faster, stronger; Someone says, the Olympic Games is humanitarian grand meeting; Still have say, the Olympic Games is La Qiu, because I see Yao Ming only,wait. Various and different answer explains the connotation of the Olympic Games is very rich, but can represent an Olympic Games most in these answers, what can reflect Olympic Games value most is not football, volleyball, track and field, swim wait for specific project, however " more, faster, stronger " the concept of the Olympic Games. Not " taller, faster, stronger " , the Olympic Games won't have today such vitality; Do not talk 8 years humanitarian, beijing Olympic Games is short of lost a few value. How to prevent with this analogy, to what it is how to be prevented, also can have a variety of results of different point of view, but the most important, can reflect what how defend value most, not be system of incorporate TV supervisory system, entrance guard, also not be advanced DVR, DVS, however relevant the concept that how defends, do not have those who have a concept how to be prevented do not have vitality likewise; Broke away from what apply actually how to be prevented, same meeting is short of lose value. Can reach so the answer: How be being prevented is a concept above all, it is of all kinds and specific application next. With the relevant concept that how defends very much, for example everybody is familiar " people's air defense, content is prevented, ability is prevented 3 person relation " etc. How do these prevent a concept to originate the industry grows accumulate, this included what know to trade demand to accumulate among them; Develop those who use knowledge to accumulate to the technology; Throw those who judge use method to accumulate to capital; Manage those who maintain pattern to accumulate to the system. Although these concepts often are not paid close attention to, but the success of each project is carried out cannot deviate from these concepts. Our self-conscious or not self-conscious comply with, application these concepts.

E.g. , want to implement TV monitoring project in building of a business affairs, if project executive time is,be in 20 old before, camera of a CCD has wanted 10 thousand yuan in those days, video switch implement, video matrix has not entered common market, we can install a few camera in important passageway only, use every camera correspondence the means of a monitor carries out inspect to look; There was video switch after a few years implement, we can enlarge camera to install a dot further, with switch surveillant means undertakes inspect looks, there was video matrix later again, the price of common camera also falls 200 yuan the following, then we can undertake comprehensive monitoring to entire building. Look with the time-sharing, means inspect that chooses switch in group, OK still much picture breaks up means inspect to look. Visit the kinescope facility of systematic form a complete set again, before 20 years we can with correspondence of a videocorder the means counterpoise of a camera nods place to undertake kinescope, there was much picture processor later, a videocorder can is opposite image of much stage camera undertakes frame is recorded decreasing. Again later, as the occurrence of DVR, and the fall of DVR price, make us OK camera of all to entire building monitoring undertakes monitoring kinescope, kinescope reservation time also is in ceaseless lengthen. Before look 20 years with today's eye how to defend TV supervisory system, can maintain from the installation amount of camera only in those days be on guard is inadequate, but present guilty case produces amount and case property and 20 years of antecedent condition also is not to have what can compare a gender. Can exist certainly from technical level analysis only blemish, but as long as measurable and reasonable, can reflect the characteristic of level technology product, the system that builds with this is effective certainly, tall sex price compares. If before 20 years you want to be below the condition that ignores frequency matrix technology, with camera and monitor one to one correspondence means carries out the comprehensive monitoring of pair of entire buildings, can build to break away from demand certainly then, low sex price compares, and the system that implements management hard. Actually this reflected one of how preventing a system to carry out important concept: "How preventing a system to carry out is to be below finite and reasonable devoted condition, the target that implementation phase sex is on guard moderately " .
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