Dactylogram identifying warms up biology differentiates applicat
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Be based on biology feature (for instance form of hand form, dactylogram, speech, retinal, iris, face, DNA) identify theory and technology to already developed somewhat, formed a few theory and technology, also fashioned a few products. Our country also obtains certain result in the job of this respect, international had been achieved on the technology advanced level.

The near future, the activity such as security of the university entrance exam, campus, 2006 world cups drew the attention of social all circles, the application of dactylogram identifying amid is paid close attention to generally.

Parent nursery school receives the child to cross loops and whorls on a finger first attestation identifying closes

When the parent receives the child to nursery school, need checks first dactylogram, to must going up the ability of date is received. Chengdu double Lin Beiheng Lu Xinhua nursery school will take the lead in introducing new security system -- dactylogram is received send cheeper the system. It is reported, this is in whole town or first. And Mr Yang Shengdong that develop and donates this system, ever had experienced " lose child " painful.

Nursery school receives a person to cross dactylogram to close first

Recently, ms. Liu that sends the child to new Hua Youer to go to school field just took courtyard door, see a lot of parents are surrounded beside a half meters high iron case, eristic in succession. Aside entrance guard is pointing to it to say: "When you receive baby in the future, need not take an examination of my eyesight, must have crossed it first this closes! Must have crossed it first this closes!!

What entrance guard says is dactylogram identifying implement. Introduce according to technical personnel, identify implement will install by the gate in nursery school, stored inside the dactylogram of all parents, what answer relatively to it is his the data of every child. Receive child of the any inside the courtyard, need to receive the person that send to carry this iron case first, check dactylogram, if cannot identify, receive the person that send to also do not take even the entrance door.

"Too good, this issues us to need not fear hellion annoys nursery school! " " his dactylogram is unique, be afraid of somebody far from falsely claim as one's own! " parents are profuse in praise to this.

Heilongjiang college examination uses body of dactylogram technology check first

Heilongjiang university uses share of person of reference of dactylogram test and verify in the exam, this kind of brand-new technical measure open the beginning that saves college examination completely.

Recently, by organization of Heilongjiang university Dean's office, information science and the dactylogram that technical institute design develops collect systematic investment to use. Work in the collection of a week of by a definite date in, the staff member will be collected be about to attend this session " university Chinese " and " computer base " the dactylogram of forefinger of student both hands that course takes an exam takes an exam with receiving. Of this institute finish the teacher tells a reporter: "Human dactylogram differ in thousands ways, apply dactylogram design to discern consequently the identity is scientific and efficient technology measure, apply to any exams that involve computer operation. The purpose that we develop this system is replaced for comb-out namely study a phenomenon, apply advanced method gravity to take an examination of wind to check record. " CCTV news channel " news receives a visitor hall " will broadcast on June 6 " 12 years the university entrance exam is turned over cogged " program, it is program memoir below.
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