System of electronic guard against theft is summed up in the app
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System of guard against theft of current electron commodity (Electronic Article Surveillance, the EAS) application in shopkeeper industry system is more and more general. It is have things stolen of a kind of commodity when reducing open-shelf sell goods for shopkeeper course of study, add the product of electronic guard against theft of sale and profit then. EAS system is used to diagnose should the commodity without bar accredit leaves when designating area, issue clew and signal of give an alarm, undertake relevant processing in order to warn a staff member.

EAS system basically is mixed by detector, decoder 3 parts comprise electronic label. Electronic label cent is soft label and hard label, soft label cost is inferior, direct conglutinate is in relatively " hard " on commodity, soft label cannot repeat use; Hard label is one-time cost is softer tag is high, but can repeat use. Hard label must deploy special extraction to nail implement, multi-purpose at dress kind soft, easy penetrable article. Decoder is blame contact equipment more, have certain decipher height, when the member that receive silver receives silver or bagging, electronic label need not contact degauss area can decipher. Also have the facility that goes to decoder and synthesis of scanner of laser bar code one case, accomplish commodity gathering and decipher one-time finish, convenient the job of the member that receive silver. Beard of this kind of means criterion and supplier of laser bar code close suitably, remove the mutual interference between both, heighten decipher sensitivity. Detector is the testing system device of bazaar passageway or place of passageway receiving silver commonly. In get some client to buy some commodity payable after correct money, the member that receive silver can be passed right stickup the label on commodity undertakes neuter is changed, and this commodity mixes accredit to leave some legally to designate area. And leave market without the commodity belt of decipher, when passing detector plant, can spark call the police, remind personnel receiving silver, client and bazaar security personnel personnel is handled in time thereby.

EAS technology is classified

In fact, EAS system is single bit radio frequency identifies a system. Because have two state only, accordingly it can report only the existence of commodity, and report without ability this commodity is what commodity. In applying in EAS system at present, main technique has 4 kinds, it is magnetism of radio radio frequency, electromagnetism, sound, radio frequency identifying respectively. The EAS system of different technique is in product value, admit read distance and dependability respect to having very big difference. Magnetism and radio frequency product are low-cost, and its label normally by permanent stickup mount is wrapped in commodity or commodity; And price of ticket of microwave harmony magnetism wants a few more expensive, and when commodity is bought, take label from commodity through special tool by the staff member, so that be used again.
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