Residential village intelligence changes construction to carry o
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Summary: The article analysed residential village to achieve the construction goal that intelligence changes, put forward how to build the base that village information platform and control management platform realize village intelligence this to change, kimono Wu function governs in what village of the residence on this foundation can come true.

Keyword: Residential village, intelligence changes construction, village information platform, control manages platform, service function

1, introductive
As computer technology popularize the flying development with the Information Industry, residential village intelligence turns the development tide that already became modern building and property administration. Transmit technology, network technology and information through using contemporary information compositive technology, undertake nicety is designed, optimize compositive, raise the house the content of new and high technology and living environment level. The intelligence of residential village changes application to will bring people safety, comfortable, efficient house home life, satisfied modern life requirement greatly.

2, the construction that residential village intelligence changes a system

2. 1 village intelligence changes the overall objective of construction

The end that residential village intelligence changes a system to build is: Apply advanced computer communication technology, control technology and house property property to manage a technology, use the method with effective compositive system, the multimedia that builds resident of interior of a communication community and resident, resident and center, resident and exterior society is integrated information is interactive system, create a safety, comfortable, convenient, energy-saving, efficient surroundings, have the intelligence that can expand capacity continuously to change a village.

Intelligence changes residential village construction, it is good to build to can generalize two platform: Informatization platform and control manage platform; Had made two services: Property service and information information serve. Platform construction is the foundation that realizes village intelligence to change a function, the service is the functional content that implementation village intelligence changes.

Informatization platform is the implementation in making the residence and village are in world of informatization, digitlization information is shared and resource is shared. Accordingly, must have built to be able to satisfy the village informatization platform of all sorts of contemporary communication bandwidth and speed requirement, specific the resident phone system that includes a village (the picturephone that includes tomorrow) , cable television system and village computer local area network, so that be in informatization society of future,resource is shared, information exchange.

The intelligence that control management platform is implementation residence and village changes the platform that closes to control and manage. Any intelligence changes the metropolis inside the village to use many high-tech product to realize a village how to be prevented, how is the family prevented, electric home appliances
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