How does the China that overflow a word prevent the market
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How to defend a property whether predominate industry
How preventing a trade is a special industry, but the industry that is not a special mystery, it and our life be closely bound up. When a lot of scholars are exploring the history that how prevents a trade and development prospect think generally, how to prevent course of study to serve as a special industry, it is the child of specific history period, made mainstream trade. Actually, this can conclude from the phylogeny of our country lock.
Lock can say is a kind the earliest how to defend a product, lock already had history of thousands of years in the development of our country, all the time continue to use up to now, just the lock that we use today already developed present variety from primitive lock of ancient time the modern lock with various, all ready function. This plants lock not conspicuous, often be familiar with those who see to not have how to defend a product, gain ground more than a kind of any home appliance or other product actually.
The progress of human society, of the growth of wealth of society and level of science and technology rise, improved our life and quality. However, social unrest element and crime also are increasing at the same time, and the development as new and high technology, modern with each passing day, intelligence changes guilty method. No matter be economic developed country, still be developing country or less-developed country, different level land is producing the guilty phenomenon below corresponding society condition, some are the crime that cross a state even. Safe problem already became the focal issue that whole international society pays close attention to.
How preventing a trade is the industry as emerge as the times require of demand of modern society security. Can say, the society still should have crime and astatic element presence only, how to prevent an industry to erupt simultaneously with respect to meeting existence exhibit. The fact proves, social crime rate often does not decrease because of the prosperity of social development, economy. Euramerican wait for a developed country, if was not built,the safety over the foundation is prevented to be on guard in high-tech ability system, its society crime rate may want tower above than now severalfold and even a few times. The sort of " night is not shut door " , " no one picks up and pockets anything lost on the road " " folkway " , it is a kind of good will only actually, since this industry was born, won't die out. Accordingly, we were not necessary completely to just ate full meal a few times, generate the worry that how reduces weight.
An article that introduces world safe phylogeny once had read before remembering the author 10 years, impression is particularly deep: After ark of the first insurance against theft comes out before long, be defeated to open by bandits; Next maker rolls out the 2nd acting safe with stronger, solidder function again, be defeated to open again later. Bandits was employed even cut the modern technology measure such as the gun to defeat open a safe. The safe is planted in this namely " open and open instead " , " destroy with destroy instead " " fight " in of rapid development and evolution, and this kind " fight " still continueing up to now.
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