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Since August 1, guangzhou examines and approve Mi to express a section of a highway about sectional intermit, undertake clearing rectifying. Hand in appoint concerned personnel expresses: Just rectify level at present, had rectified possible rehear to approve. To this, the personage inside course of study discloses, be suspended examining and approve, chaos of the existence in be being managed at present with Mi watch collects fees, buy compulsively card and manage above quota (exceed a government to approve article place to approve a sector of an area to install berth namely) wait for 3 big questions to concern.

Do 4000 illicit set Mi to express chaos to collect fees?
As we have learned, since June Guangzhou city is handed in appoint begin to feel check inside the alley inside the street is non-standard examine and approve temporarily parking lot, severe check chaos stops to put car in chaos of urban road both sides. Be opposite at present existing Mi watch parking lot undertakes adjustment mixing standard; Road is narrow and wagon flow of stream of people is large, periphery already had fixed parking lot, unfavorable in the setting side the driveway Mi expresses berth, answer to go to car guiding subterranean parking lot; Clear the parking lot that bans illegal setting, include to take parking lot, open air temporarily parking lot, inside street lane parking lot.

Occupy the personage inside course of study to divulge, the Mi list that Guangzhou city creates now has 7000 many, and the course of Mi watch berth that has an in part only about actually is handed in appoint examine and approve, other about 4000 berth without examining and approve. Go up in annulus city district for instance a section of a highway of a few flourishing shopping centre, management unit without examining and approve " occupy hill to be king " , set berth to collect fees. In addition, partial a section of a highway approved 10 many berth only, but operator delimited 30 many berth are managed however.

In addition, at present Guangzhou has two Mi to express company management, brushing card to go up still " each does things in his own way " , among them an use Yang Cheng is connected, company of management of car of another electron berth uses Ka Huapu of this company appropriative IC to get stuck. Although at present Hua Pu blocks what undertaking compatible Yang Cheng is connected to transform, but a lot of a section of a highway still identify Huapuka only. Many cars advocate report, huapuka cannot charge a cost, a piece of new card can be bought afresh only after giving out, and old card needs him to carry bill to go to company of electronic berth car removing deposit, very no-go.

The citizen jockeys to Mi watch the opinion is great

Miss Zhang says, once she drives sea bead square, drive the car went up Mi expresses park, did Miss Zhang just want how to many money ask a hour? Administrator tells her to must buy calorie of ability to jockey, and lowest of a piece of card wants 120 yuan. But Miss Zhang says, she is not to often want to undertake Mi watch jockey, 120 yuan arrive to knowing to want to use for her when, can go only so.
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