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Carry safety to ensure, inner Mongolia knows distant city and area of division Er ooze this year management department of two class transportation installed GPS location system on the car that carries danger to taste goods in nearly 20, prepare the end of the year to be in whole town gain ground in congener carriage car.

To solve dangerous chemistry things road carries medium weak point, precautionary road carries dangerous chemical accident, management department of two class transportation divides the city that connect distant, area to be mixed from safe production of personnel of course of study, carriage car, transportation enterprises to carrying 4 respects strengthen admittance of market of road danger freightage outside superintending, still pay attention to benefit to improve level of management with high-tech method particularly. GPS locates the system can offer fixed position, monitoring for operation car not only, the black box that still can go up like the plane is same, repeat emersion to run the speed of car, direction, contrail and data. Introduce this location system can management of freightage of danger of farther normative road, effective monitoring prevents dangerous freightage car to violate compasses operation, ensure dangerous freightage is safe. In the meantime, also be danger of road of progressively implementation of the city that connect distant the important step of freightage management modernization, informatization.

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