Near future of entrance guard domain tastes a technology newly "
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The development of domain of our country entrance guard already implemented scale, all sorts of products expanded proper motion development, development, production by product of first acting distribute abroad, progressively to homebred change stride. The research and development of relevant product, make as market demand increase ceaselessly, obtained the propulsion of materiality. Sadly the progress that arisen biology feature identified a technology to obtain materiality, entrance guard domain is welcoming unprecedented development opportunity.

Communication of technology of one cartoon Beijing meets entrance guard of Israel contest accept

It is the how prevents a domain with waiting in entrance guard, check on work attendance, one cartoon technology communication in be being strengthened further and collaboration, drive the Chinese wide application in this one domain, surpass accept by Israel (sincere letter of Synel) group and Beijing inspects limited company of dispatch number science and technology to be sponsorred jointly, israel is stationed in Chinese embassy commerical department to support " check on work attendance of entrance guard of Israel contest accept Beijing of one cartoon 2006() technical communication seminar " , at be in Beijing on August 2, 2006 afternoon hall of 3 grand carry holds big public house of Tian Hongke garden.

Those who attend this meeting have, how does China defend association leadership, israel is stationed in official of Chinese embassy business affairs, israel surpasses accept (SYNE) group leader, world group leader will be mixed official of Chinese relevant administration, expert and designing institute, how to defend user of industry business controller, industry, system compositive business, project business, agency and how to prevent the trade such as media wife person.

Israel surpasses introduction of system of offer company entrance guard

Group of industry of Israel contest accept (Synel Industries Ltd. ) it is the world the entrance guard with top class, the oldest Israel, check on work attendance and research and development of major of one cartoon system and manufacturer home, the government sector with main Israel installed her terminal product, mart branch forehead is in 90% above. Additional, the safety of a lot of countries and confidential orgnaization also install Europe and America have Synel product. Mix in common and civil market demesne economic domain, synel occupies Israel about the market share of 70 % .
On August 3 morning, have the human body life such as dactylogram, iris, retinal, sound idiosyncratic VERIDICOM biology intelligence gets stuck (biology identifying and intelligent IC card) appear on a country to exhibit, will use at allowing the domain such as card of textual research, social security, bank card likely henceforth. Because collect convenient, application handy wait for an element, the branch in biology intelligence card -- one cartoon has been in dactylogram the domain try out such as college, tourism and hotel.
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