Focusing navigation market: Car advocate why to catch a cold to
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A few years ago, nonlocal car carries GPS agency to come smoke and collaboration of property insurance company, however, come down one year, sell only finally gave 5, compensate must be in a complete mess, withdraw Yantai stealthily finally.

Statistic shows, car of Yantai city illicit has a quantity to already exceeded 60 thousand, and still be in with going up everyday 100 rate increases. But, car GPS product compares circumjacent and other city apparently however in the utilization rate of Yantai low.

Yantai reports a success the number is the unit that the our city runs a car earlier to hold GPS navigation system, the staff member says yesterday, GPS is the abbreviation of global location system. The earliest car carries GPS to locate the system applies on the user of special type group such as nicotian, freight, bank, taxi in Yantai, main purpose is to attemper car and centralized management. Because group user market is divided up to danger, user of increasingly giant illicit home car is becoming a car to carry the object of GPS product collect.

Current, new division GPS and mobile communication network undertook some GPS product such as be united in wedlock, develop a more functions, tighten emergency treatment hold for instance, field encounters sudden situation, can appeal to the service center, search recent maintenance station or orgnaization of medical treatment service to undertake assistance; Open lock function like remote control again, can help forget the key the car inside the car advocate open door. Because can locate the position of the car, so some banks also begin to use technology of satellitic fixed position, GPS system is installed on mortgaged old freight car, come avoid is cheated shift a risk, for instance the big house of the developing zone weighs labour, the grab that leave factory laded GPS.

Last year right now, a lot of car dress shop have Yantai car GPS product sells, basically have the navigation module that brings speech, area two kinds of liquid crystal screen, former price is relatively cheap. According to south inn of hairdressing of a car introduces outskirt, the car that buys GPS product advocate not much, can sell one year only probably give a few.

Although the function is all ready, why harbor city car advocate people carry GPS product not to catch a cold to the car? A few cars advocate say, the utilization rate of product of satellitic fixed position is not at present high. Use car of user of car of major illicit home is to commute merely ride instead of walk, won't go to new place trudge, do not use function of satellitic fixed position basically. Prevent as to guard against theft grab, the car is sure to also not be anxious.

Return somebody to think, the price is exorbitant the development that limitted car GPS product. The function compares all ready GPS product, the price is in 4000 yuan of above, the function is a bit better want 8000 yuan of above, every month still requires delivery 50 January rent charge, such ability can be enjoyed navigation, guard against theft and seek advice wait for appreciation service. "Buy car of an illicit home just tens of thousands of yuan or ten yuan, if provide a value,nearly 10 thousand yuan satellite locates system, a bit extravagant. A bit extravagant..
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