Supply camera of monitoring gun type, camera, monitoring
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Supply camera of monitoring gun type
Keyword: Camera of camera, type of monitoring, gun
Camera of type of gun of J&A- C925 of model of ★ ★ ★
Image sensor 1/3 Inch Inch Color SHARP CCD
Resemble element 512(H) *582(V effectively)
The line counts 420 lines
0.8lux/F1.2 of lowermost intensity of illumination
Letter a confusion of voices compares excel 48dB
White balance means is automatic
Be in a poor light compensation leaves / close
Drive of video of automatic aperture camera lens and dc drive are optional
Working temperature - ℃ of 10 To 50
Working voltage DC12V
Video outputs 1.0Vp-p/75 Europe
Norms of CS of camera lens norms
110mA of working electric current
Weight 450g
Exterior dimension 60(W)X58(H)X116(D)mm
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