Dog automatically ALI-ISD1000 of ball of network high speed
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Product introduction:
1, 1/4 " CCD, 270 times scorch, color turns black and white, feel infra-red oneself, lowermost intensity of illumination: 0Lux(IR On is black and white mode) ;
2, need not secure IP to be able to realize Internet visit, realize monitoring and kinescope
3, compress a format, MAX.30fps/M-JPEG;
4, supportive much picture is surveillant, control, kinescope and manage in group;
5, exceed wide dynamic design, strong backlighting compensates a design, apply to road monitoring;
6, inside buy 128 beforehand set, 4 learn way oneself, 8 cruise method, 8 in group;
7, use newest BLDC (dc is not had brush servo electric machinery) design, successive high speed is moved turn without reason barrier, service life is long, the rate that start is rapid;
8, high speed is flowing and quiet movement, highest can amount to 360 ° / second;
9, take oneself call the police the input outputs module, 2 2 inputs, output;
10, exceed small exterior design, volume is minor, weight is light, installation is convenient.
Technical parameter


Photograph like component
1/4 " Color CCD

Resemble element effectively
470 thousand

Horizontal resolution
460 TV line

Lowermost intensity of illumination
) of 1Lux(F1.5 color mode? 0Lux(IR On black and white mode)

Automatic / the hand is moved

Automatic / the hand is moved

Be in a poor light compensation
Exceed wide trends to leave / close

27 times optical scorch, scorch of 10 times number

Aperture size

The letter is apart from

Colour turns black
/ close

The cloud
Level: 360 degrees do not have the limit, perpendicular: 0-90 is spent

Horizontal speed
The hand moves: 0-120 is spent / second, beforehand set: 360? ? ? ? ? Degree / second

Vertical velocity
The hand moves: 0-120 is spent / second, beforehand set: 360 degrees / second

Beforehand set
128 beforehand set

Learn way oneself
4 self-study method (most a minute)

In group
8 in group

Annulus make one's rounds
8 (2 beforehand between set)

Call the police input / output
2 inputs / 2 output

RS-485 Pelco D, wonwoo

Power source
AC 24V 1.5A

130(¢ ) × 190(H)mm


Environmental temperature
0 ℃ arrive 40 ℃

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