Wireless intelligence guard against theft calls the police system, an Bo person
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Wireless intelligence guard against theft calls the police system, an Bo person makes your 1 million earnest wishes
Guard against theft implement, warning apparatus, warning apparatus of guard against theft, warning apparatus of family expenses guard against theft, business uses warning apparatus of guard against theft, warning apparatus of phone guard against theft, warning apparatus of guard against theft material, guard against theft calls the police system, warning apparatus of GSM guard against theft, TPMS car embryo controls warning apparatus, warning apparatus of GPRS guard against theft, infra-red extensive role / screen sign detector; Door magnetism / roll gate magnetism detector; Remote controller; Infra-red detector of defensive to shooting baluster; Urgent pushbutton; Aerosol explores warning apparatus; Light gas to explore warning apparatus. Wireless guard against theft calls the police take a picture sound of system, wireless image sends and receive perimeter of system, electrostatic induction to be on guard system, individual is prevented lose implement, individual security warning apparatus------Install agent of sincere action of doctoral whole nation, agency
Shenzhen city brings limited company of doctoral electron science and technology is the high-tech company that municipal government of a Shenzhen holds, have large industry to produce workshop, research and development, production, management team and own intellectual property. Guard against theft of intelligence of control of microcomputer of area of the family of 10 old series that the company introduces technology of technology of American CNNR wireless call, Norwegian KERO chip solely to develop production, key calls the police system, have property excellent stability, gain ground model, redound of embellish of easy installation, short flat fast, low price, 200% or so usury, goofy type is simple and easy operation design, wait for an advantage without congener competition.
Can go up with the world as a result of the lead plane with this system superior performance place is wanted on the telephone a mechanism type is compatible, so, when using, the phone systematic lead plane and you machine join rises can. Specific for: Set oneself beforehand in the system or the phone of a few close friends, property management or mobile phone number, in the family or crucial point place (the shop that takes a rolling door for example, garage, financial room, storehouse is waited a moment) cloth sets a few infrared ray to explore device the warning decice such as gas perhaps, fire, so, the room that perhaps needs to be on guard in the home should have only burglar is invaded or flue gas spills over, call the police the system rings instantly (60-120 decibel, enough frightens bandits vigilant perhaps host, neighbour) , and the mobile telephone that the system dials you to be set in the system beforehand quickly at the same time or phone, no matter host is in,this city perhaps visits his family beyond a few a thousand li be away on official business, whatever time, the system can dial a phone to inform him host other perhaps other people is medium at that time (other perhaps place) produce an accident, host still can monitor the home through the phone in (other perhaps place) everything what happen undertakes control and be operatinged to the system, call the police, announcement near neighbour or the village security personnel, kin around.
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