Acting warning apparatus, how to fly to those who expect you to join in
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Company actual strength explains (the force of the company and product force) (
The company is located in cloth of area of hillock of Shenzhen city dragon road of Ji Zhenyue treasure 6 buildings of edifice of treasure of 45 another name for Guangdong Province, communication is easy, the factory has stuff 500 much people, stick a machine, tie facility of calm machine, solder crossing furnace all ready, company all the time since for Guangdong major electron enterprise sticks card generation to machine warning apparatus of guard against theft, monitor material and entrance guard to wait how to prevent electronic product and computer peripheral, accordingly, the factory has top-ranking manufacturing control and manufacturing process capability, employee operation technology is adept, manufacturing flow control is strict, add team of oneself research and development, the strength that is a company and development laid strong corporeal base and manpower resource foundation.
The company is produced in former some and oneself brand was rolled out on the foundation of process capability, and oneself intellectual property is owned on the technology, of the brand roll out and the transition of the company, make company the company that from in the past company of treatment of a pure production becomes to have oneself brand and manufacturing generation to machine, the company produces acting treatment not only, and offer on the product that owns him intellectual property stick a card (OEM) , make a lot of businessmen do not need research and development to be able to roll out his brand. The company has become to be with him brand now, the modern company that provides OEM and ODM production treatment at the same time.

The advantage of warning apparatus
Warning apparatus of guard against theft is a development is very rapid in last few years burgeoning product, be in now of the market have the specified number very small still, because this is right,this understanding still is not too deep, so, introduce warning apparatus of guard against theft simply.
Warning apparatus of guard against theft is a kind of active guard against theft, what why fry inside course of study is very hot, the market that did not come because of him namely is sure the conference is very big. We can imagine, the mount in husband this kind of product, once somebody enters your home in, warning apparatus can be in send signal for a short while, if the village executes couplet net, security personnel can be in receive for a short while call the police, undertake in time handling. Such call the police actively should compare mount " iron a large box or chest " net of guard against theft a lot of.
People had been used to mount " iron a large box or chest " the habit of net of guard against theft, feel that is the handsome sense that gives a person very safe, not be actually such, you are in mount " iron a large box or chest " net of guard against theft while Jiashangyi covers net of electronic guard against theft is necessary completely, active guard against theft adds passive guard against theft to be equal to complete guard against theft.
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