Read card implement, entrance guard reads card implement, read a head
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Hong Kong NEU-IX reads calorie of appliance to have beautiful and fluent unique design, reflect high-grade quality adequately
Technical: Does encouraging  of ankle of border of billows white glow refined  of mu of the children's hair that measure ㄆ ?
Tall compatibility: Format of Ai 軪 M mixes all according with of Mifare read card implement with card, compatible HID of brand of two big international, INDALA (former MOTOROLA)
Tall stability:  copy?- is in the working environment of the desktop, card is read 100 thousand times continuously inside effective response area draw up wrong under 3;
High security: Add secret technology threefold:  Song dash forward bits of  of б  Qu gets; of the biggest safeguard with? client safety
Installation is convenient, quick: Quantity  ? Cap of tenon  take along sth to sb sunlights the dimension of?6 base case, make installation relaxed, quick.
Limited company established salary of Hong Kong heart 1996, it is major is engaged in financial bank, school, government sector, execute the law the one cartoon passageway that village of enterprise of mechanism, airport, factories and mines, hospital, Wen Bo, postal, telecommunication, residence, intelligence changes village, intelligence to convert a mansion controls parking lot of system, one cartoon to collect fees automatically system, one cartoon.
Read card implement, entrance guard reads card implement, system of check on work attendance of electric lock, entrance guard, entrance guard one cartoon

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