Supply culmination independence wide part infra-red warning apparatus
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Culmination group Inc. is large high-tech company, installing prevent, the many domains such as industry of electric home appliances ● intelligence falls unexpectedly differentiate alarm affection, prevent to sign up for by accident, put an end to fail to report sth;
● spot tall decibel is acousto-optic call the police caution;
● can learn match 10 wireless detector or remote controller;
● remote controller controls cloth, withdraw from a defended position;
● " one key type " operation of place troops on garrison duty, study type matchs wireless detector;
● can deserve to receive wired alarm date.
The company faces the whole nation now sincere solicit area distribute representative and OEM/OEM business, welcome you to join in wholeheartedly, no matter the individual still is a businessman, we give you support of the pay of agency and strong brand, technology, after service.
Culmination group Inc.
Enrol business controller: Dai Min
Action business is straight: 86-010-51611990
Mobile phones of 24 class of one hour value: 13693251910
Address: Air route of Min of airport of Qing Xijiao of the four seasons of Beijing Haidian area 2 (PC: 100097)

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